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December 31, 2008

Between my prayer flags and Buddha’s hand

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… things will be better in 2009.

Good thoughts and warm sqwishes for the New Year.

December 30, 2008


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Spinning, a blog.

The thing ^H^H^H One of the things I find fascinating about the Web is all the things I find fascinating and stash away in a links folder or delicious or a Web page or a post and then forget all about and never return to.

Too many fascinating things.

With delicious, though, if I click to save a link to a page I’ve found interesting and I’ve already saved a link to that page, delicious lets me know.

I came across Susan Marie Rose Maciog Gibb’s blog from somewhere else earlier today and found the first post or two interesting enough that I clicked on her “about” page. I found her self-description and the items that were used to categorize her self and her life interesting. So I saved a link in delicious.

I then went back to the blog and read back a ways and said, that’s interesting. I’ll keep a link.

When I clicked to save a link in delicious, delicious told me I’d already saved a link: 05-Jun-2007.

I must’ve liked it then.

I’ve never been back since. (That I remember.)

How did I find it eighteen months ago?

Ah, the Web.

spool art by devorah sperber

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spool art by devorah sperber


December 29, 2008


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dm fail! on Twitter

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dm fail! Messages from folks who accidentally post a tweet when they meant to DM.

e.g. Dude, you left your hemorrhoid cream and herpes medications over at my place again!

Real or faked? Does it matter?

Update:Twitter is tweaking their code so that people who are DMing can use either D or DM as the abbreviation for direct messaging.

No more dm fail. Alas.

100 Cereal Box Covers – from the aeron.

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100 Cereal Box Covers – from the aeron.

The Web is a wonder. Alan Valek has cobbled together photographs of cereal boxes to show the evolution of, f’rex, the Alpha-Bits cereal box.

His blog‘s pretty entertaining too.


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Yes, there actually is a Web site called CUTE THINGS FALLING ASLEEP.

Found via CuteOverload.

Specifically … this post.

And why was I over at CuteOverload? Well because Jessamyn was tweeting that her Mom had never seen CuteOverload, and I said outloud (in a two-person office) that not everyone’s Mom has seen CuteOverload. And his nibs was all, “What’s CuteOverload?” and things went from there to there to there.

So there.

December 27, 2008

A philosophy of life

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Had a nice long, ranging chat with Hermon Baker when I stopped in at Yone Beads on Union on my way back from the library and further places afield. (Complete list of stops and purchases on the day after Christmas: Cost Plus: nothing. Even at 75% off there was nothing there I needed, but seems I needed a couple small, blank canvases and a sketchbook (all on sale — total price <$10) at Artist & Craftsman Supply on Columbus.)

Baker and I talked about life and warm beds, the weather and the tiger sculpture that’s allegedly over on the Greenwich Steps. I need to go over and see if I can find it. One of his earlier customers hadn’t been able to. We wondered whether it had already been removed.

We talked about the year ending and his negative view of “top ten” lists for the year. Life is not a competition, he said. We shouldn’t be ranking this or that as on or off the top ten list for the year. Winners or losers. Top ten or not. Don’t.

I left the shop with two beautiful beads I will find some use for and something to think about.

The Richest Gift, a tale.

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The Richest Gift – Travelers' Tales

Great tale. More great tales on the Travelers’ Tales site.

[via a James O’Reilly tweet]

December 26, 2008

Coming Soon to the Tenderloin: Another Dirty, Poorly Lit Place For Books

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Coming Soon to the Tenderloin: Another Dirty, Poorly Lit Place For Books [SFWeekly - The Snitch]

Oh. Now. How come I never knew this bookstore existed until this morning when I was wandering through old links, one of which told tales of this place?

Now it’s gone (possibly to be phoenix’d … some day …).

The pics remind me of Woodruff & Thush, a used bookstore down by San Jose State, a used bookstore my older brother and I used to love. (And hate … Case had a lovely rant about the time he found a great book at a terrific price and brought it to the cash register only to have Craig Thush tell him that he hadn’t repriced the book in a very long time and he was repricing the book on the spot. Couldn’t argue with Thush. …)

I would’ve bought Woodruff & Thush out lock, stock & barrel when Craig Thush decided to retire in 2003 if I could’ve. I still have plenty of books I bought there in my impoverished young adulthood, including a Difco manual I got for cheaps when I was taking Microbiology 101.

Here’s hoping McDonald’s reopens and I get a crack at browsing the stacks some day soon.

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