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March 31, 2011

The start of a lovely day

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This morning.

View of San Francisco Bay

View of the Bay, moon, and morning star. 31 Mar 2011 6:01 a.m.

Friday challenge: “Mother Nature”

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The Photo Friday challenge for the week is “Mother Nature.”

A view of the volcano on Stromboli from a boat offshore.

View of the Stromboli volcano, Sicily.

Stromboli. October 2003.

March 24, 2011

Friday challenge: polished

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The Friday photo challenge for the week is “polished.”

March 22, 2011

What fishermen could also do …

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Not sure how long this will be live. CLICK NOW! You won’t regret it. Fishermen
“A fisherman says one thing with his mouth and another with his eel in this spot for German recruitment service JobsinTown.”

Watch this NOW! because I’m not sure how long this will be embedded

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And it is so very cool.

Flash mob. Recycle!

March 17, 2011

Thank you, libraries!

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While the younger niblet’s away gallivanting, he asked me to write about libraries for his “Things To Be Thankful For” blog. So I did.

Thank you, Libraries!

March 16, 2011

Friday challenge: “ethereal”

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The Friday photo challenge for the week is “ethereal.”

06-Oct-2005. Maui hinterlands. Rainbow.

March 4, 2011

Friday Challenge: “turbulent”

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The Friday photo challenge for the week is “turbulent.”

Cliff Way. Just south of Noyo Bay. Mendocino County. One of a handful of photos taken through the Mini’s windshield. Too wet and windy out to play with my camera outside.

Fort Bragg. January 2010.

Mendocino Coast. January 2010.

Book huggers! Good cause!

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“We need to shift our national view of libraries not as luxuries, but as necessities. When tragedy strikes in other nations, Americans are generous, but our libraries are being hit with a tsunami and there has been no call to action.”           More…

- Karin Slaughter

The DeKalb County Library is having a fundraising event March 12th (with honorary chair Karin Slaughter) as well as running an eBay auction (in progress) with lotsa goodies to raise money for the cause.

Fundraising for the Boston PL to follow in June 2011. The site is set up with hopes the fundraising efforts will expand to support public libraries nationwide..

Check it out!

Fundraiser for North Beach Citizens.

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Missed the opening blowout for the latest fundraiser for North Beach Citizens tonight. 6-9pm at Gallery 28 on Grant. (We were at an event at the San Francisco Food Bank. I won’t even =begin= to tell you the other events that were happening citywide.)

Famous folks with their fundraising art. Less famous folks with theirs. All for a good cause. BUY! SPEND! DONATE!

This, of course, is mine — a collage titled, “Cool, Grey City of Love.” Challenge was to take an LP and create some art on it. The theme was VINYL TRANSFORMATION. You couldn’t do something 3-D but anything else was up for grabs.

This photo of my collage maybe not so hot, eh? But the collage is worth $5, don’t you think? $10? Who will give me $20 for a GOOD CAUSE! HERE, FOLKS! $50?

I haven’t seen what Ferlinghetti, or Hirschman did, and I couldn’t be at the blowout tonight, alas. Check in with Gallery 28 on Grant to see what the other donees did and spend money for a good cause.

Couldn’t make it to the opening reception and want to bid in person? There will be a closing reception on 26 March 2011, with poetry reading and auction.

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