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May 12, 2009

The Blogging world slows down …

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I kick-started Bloglines this afternoon to see which of the bloggers I follow had new bits to read since the last time I kick-started the app (a week or so ago) and …

Sara Zarr had two posts.
Zen had one, and that was a photo.
Arleen had six, one quite long, but four posts were simply daily collections of her Twitterposts.
Nikki (Nicole J. LeBoeuf: actually writing blog) had one (and that was her first post since 05 April).
Don had two, and one of those was a pano shot from the top of my hill. (Thx, Don!)
Heather had two. (One of them quite long.) And she’d posted six entries on her micro blog. Yay, Heather! Not bad for the mother of an almost-six-year-old and a new-born.
Ms Paula had six, but then she’s way conscientious about keeping her blogger peeps amused.
Alan had naught.

… and so on and forth.

What is going on?

Well, for them I can’t answer, but for me, I’ve been posting short things on Twitter and re-tweeting interesting short things I find there. Anyone can read the Twitterfeed (check it out!).

A Twitter app automagically copies what I post there over to my Facebook presence.

On Facebook, I post a bit longer stuff and stuff that I’d rather keep out of Twitter. (Photos of the wee gifty the youngest sent me for Mother’s Day, f’rex.)

I’ve been hanging out on Facebook and Twitter because they are an easy way for me to follow the antics of certain folks, post inane comments about their passions and their lives, and pick up nifty bits of fact all while I’m doing the same. More seamlessly. Less back and forthing. Less disconnection.

The blog is becoming more of a collection of longish thoughts and prettyish photos. The short ‘n sweet links will probably end up on Twitter for the most part.

Make sense?

January 11, 2009

End Bush (Tuesday January 20, 2009. 9AM)

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Event coming UP! all San Franciscans and those near enough to:

Inauguration Day 2009.

You could be at the Main Library at 100 Larkin Street in the Koret Auditorium watching the live telecast.


You could be at End Bush at Bush and Presidio (Tuesday January 20, 2009)

Meetup and STREET PARTY! at the corner of Bush and Presidio at the END BUSH sign.

end bush

September 19, 2007 – Contest To Challenge SF Residents To Save Energy

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San Francisco Climate Challenge, my lamp, my stairs, my solar panels! make the news!

Reading this in the city? Sign up! at

May 31, 2007

eBay Acquires StumbleUpon

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eBay Acquires StumbleUpon

The $75 million cash acquisition gives eBay access to about 2.3 million people who have filled out profiles at StumbleUpon, founded in 2001 by three Canadian software engineers in Calgary.

… and the acquisition of my profile will provide eBay with what?

Let’s hope the eBay folks don’t mess up an excellent app.

The news from the StumbleUpon blog

May 30, 2007

[URL] popurls | popular urls to the latest web buzz

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popurls | popular urls to the latest web buzz

Aggregate of W2.0 feeds like digg and reddit and boingboing. Someone called it a look at the hive mind. Probably a good analogy. Similar to and with more links than (which was inspired by popurls). Includes flickr links and

Looking for article ideas? This site gives you a look at what’s poppin.

[Caution: Can be a HUGE time waster …]

May 2, 2007

MySpace Photo Costs Teacher Education Degree

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Be careful what you post online.

MySpace Photo Costs Teacher Education Degree

Fair? Unfair?

The photo in question (from an article at The Smoking Gun, of course)

I think she should’ve got rid of the red-eye fer sures.

May 1, 2007

JPG Magazine: Photos

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JPG Magazine: Photos


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