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April 17, 2009

My star turn on Jungle Red Writers: Writing well is the best revenge

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Hallie Ephron asked if I could guest on Jungle Red and introduce Internet Resources for Writers to people who might not know about it.

The gig consists of Hallie’s interview with me (already in the can) and me checking in and sticking around during the day answering any questions that might come up.

Today’s the BIG DAY!

Should be fun.

August 16, 2007

Writing: A writer’s treasure chest

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Lifehacker mentioned the writing links compendium over at on Saturday.

(Mega thanks to Grapes2.0 for the hedz-up. I wouldn’t have known what hit me. …)

Hits have soared (from hundreds a day to thousands a day) and I’ve been feeling like my e-house is a bit of a mess and in no state for the Queen to come visiting.

Yesterday and today, I’ve been spending time click-clicking through links, dusting, mopping and putting flowers out for the visitors. I’ll do so again tomorrow, being as the contractor guys are paying us visits this week and I’m padlocked inside until they’re gone.

May 30, 2007

[URL] Updated and checked all links for subsection: Business: Submissions & Markets

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Internet Resources – Writers Resources – Writing Links & Writers Links for Writers – Business: Submissions & Markets

May 18, 2007

Writing markets stuff moving in with the writer colony over >>> there

I’ve decided to keep writing markets “stuff” at the writers’ resources site from this day forth. The posts were taking up too much real estate.

The resources blog will carry the markets information I’ve been carrying here. Coolio writer stuff may wind up in both this blog and that. Info on the writers’ resources site will be updated to include new markets information and links wigati. The resources blog will probably be updated from its 2002 look some day as well.

From now on writing markets info will live there not here. Those of you who read here for great apps, interesting sites, San Francisco foodie news and life, the universe and prayer flags can continue on uninterrupted. Those who only cared about the markets info will find their focus more focussed at the other blog.

This has been a management postie. We now return you to the normal blog content, sans writing markets information.

March 7, 2007

Before breakfast or even a cup of coffee: Updates to Internet Resources for Writers

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Checked and updated all links in the Business section of Internet Resources for Writers.

Before breakfast! Before coffee even!

The page includes over one hundred links classified in subsections:

  • Unsorted
  • Agents
  • Book Publishers
  • Copyright
  • E-Publishing
  • Legal, Contracts, & Taxes
  • Marketing, Sales, Promotion, & Publicity
  • Print-On-Demand Publishing
  • Self-publishing
  • Your Website

Replaced some broken links. Added a few. Commented out links to my articles on Web design and copyright that I wrote for Computer Bits, which is no more. I need to bring those articles onto either this site or some day, now that the Computer Bits online archives are no more.

February 8, 2007

Updated Reference & Research

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Spent a chunk of the morning checking, updating and augmenting the collection of links in the Reference & Research section of Internet Resources for Writers.

The page includes over two hundred links classified in subsections:

  • Unsorted
  • Assorted Information
  • Experts
  • Maps
  • Names & Naming
  • News Links
  • Online Texts
  • Research & Reference
  • Search Engines (including image search and video search engines)
  • Tools
  • Warnings & Rumors

Amazing resources out there on the Web. What a wURLd.

January 24, 2007

Updated business/submission links at Internet Resources for Writers

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News from Internet Resources for Writers:

Checked and updated all links on Business/Submissions.

The page includes subsections:

  • Grants, Prizes, & Contests – lists
  • Markets – market listing resources on the Web
  • Scams – known scams and how to avoid them
  • Submitting – information on manuscript formats, queries, writing a synopsis and more.

I also added a separate header for our Miss Snark’s blog.

Occurs to me that at some point I need to port all the content over to a CSS-driven revamped site.


Not today.

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