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September 30, 2008

Reverse Graffiti Project

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Reverse Graffiti Project, April 2008, Broadway Tunnel, San Francisco.

Brilliant, but … if the work hadn’t been pretty, it would’ve been just as snarly as those folks who spray paint crappy letters on walls.

Good ad for the green cleaner used.

[via Sour Grapes' shared items in Google Reader]

September 29, 2008 Choice is clear: Obama for president

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Stockton Record. Yes, I know. Not one of the big fish, but this is the first time the Record has endorsed a Democrat since Roosevelt in 1936.

Mike Klock, Record Editor, explains why.

Marty Kaplan: Why the Debates Won’t Matter (Hint: It’s a Felony)

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Marty Kaplan: Why the Debates Won't Matter (Hint: It's a Felony)

Troubling. Is someone tracking down truth and lies on this?

September 28, 2008

Election Pie Party

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The younger niblet is far away. (His mom and dad miss him.)

We talked with him today over a spotty line that probably is Skype’d over to that end of the world and then fed into his cell phone/Handy. Who knows who taps in from here (Hi, Tony!) or there (Hi to you too, Yuri!)

The younger nib said he’s hoping to have a party. Where he is is ten hours off from us. If we call him at ten in the morning, it’s eight in the evening there.

So, he’s planning a party to watch the election results in November at another PCV’s place. This PCV has access to a big screen TV. Our niblet is homesick for pies. The plan is to get pies made and brought over, to sit in front of the big screen TV and to watch the American election results and hooray! or commiserate over the results.

Pie will be involved, though. No matter if the wrong party wins and the world comes to an end, the niblet will have pies and the companionship of friends.

I think that works.

[SNL] Sarah Palin’s Interview with Katie Couric

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Tina Fey is a geeenyus.

And, oh, hey. That person doing her Katie Couric imitation isn’t half-bad either.

[SNL] Sarah Palin’s Interview with Katie Couric

September 27, 2008

John Graham-Cumming: Countries younger than John McCain

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John Graham-Cumming: Countries younger than John McCain


Gorgeous time lapse

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Twin Peaks San Francisco Sunrise from Chad Richard on Vimeo.

Or click through to Vimeo. Poke around while you’re there. That’s how I found this.

(I’d visited to watch Sarah Silverman’s THE GREAT SCHLEP. Caution: THE GREAT SCHLEP is not safe for work)

September 26, 2008

Anderson Cooper panel: McCain move called misstep

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CNN video: McCain move called misstep

Ed Rollins, Gloria Borger, Paul Begala talk with Anderson Cooper.

Begala says, “Bush is a high-functioning moron.” Yikes.

But even Ed Rollins isn’t too fond of McCain, it seems.

Election 2008 | powered by Twitter

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Election 2008 | powered by Twitter

For those who are easily amused. A Twitterfeed.

Twitter is pulling out all tweets that are election-related, mention Obama, McCain, Palin, &c.

The screen scrolls by with right, left, smart, not-so-smart, snarky, clever, clueless. Just like the American public, only in 140 characters or less.

September 24, 2008

Book Bay, a dangerous pleasure

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After meeting with two flooring contractors for bids (and calling a third to meet up with tomorrow), we headed over to Book Bay at Fort Mason (the Friends of the San Francisco Library used book store) to look for a copy of Gibbons’ DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE — a special request from the younger niblet.

Couldn’t find a copy, but did find several other books I wanted as well as fourteen books on the $.50 (3/$1) table. Couldn’t find a fifteenth, but the staff gave me a deal.

With my Friends of the Library discount and one of the “extra 25% off” coupons they give you when you renew your annual membership, I got 35% off my purchase: eighteen books for $15.60.


Talking it over with his nibs, I realized I should just rummage through the book boxes labeled HISTORY and pick one of the duplicates that isn’t an old, old copy. His nibs remembers having a copy his Aunt Burta bought used back in the first quarter of the last century. I know I had a 2v. copy when I was in my late teens and we probably have other editions as well. I’ll find a good — but not valuable — copy to send. I’m assuming that any book I send to Ukraine will not be coming home in 2010, and I’d hate to have the younger niblet worry about damaging a book I held dear.

Nice trip to Book Bay, though.

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