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March 31, 2010

A little bit about chicken … and rice noodles … and chicken noodle soup – Vietnamese and Cambodia-style

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I came home from my time away with yearnings for rice noodle soup from the hotel breakfast buffets — broth-based rice noodle soup with mixed veggies and lime and sriracha. *sigh*

This week I substituted canned broth for “real” broth and that was okay for a while but today I took the chicken carcass from the roast chicken we had for supper a couple nights ago, tossed in chicken wings, onion, garlic, chicken bones from the nights in between, and ginger and concocted a tasty chicken broth.

Tonight for dinner, we had the chunky bits from the broth mixed with sriracha sauce and lime juice. (I’d bagged up the broth in 2C ZipLoc bags — 2 quarts worth — and put in our teeny freezer.) Tossed in chopped onion, cilantro, and shredded cheese. Folded into hot corn tortillas with chopped lettuce and … chicken tacos!


Tomorrow’s supper will be roast chicken sprinkled with spices and herbs, with smushed up roasted garlic slathered between the meat and the skin …

The leftovers will be yet another chicken carcass for the next time I want to make a batch of chicken broth.

And so it goes. …

Update: The roasted garlic chicken tonight was FABOO. *sigh*

I think I’ve migrated. … I’m not sure I have and I’m not sure that I won’t migrate again before June.

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Explanation: As per my note on 03Feb, I’m having to move the blog over to Blogger, albeit with a custom name that will host at Blogger sez it’s too painful for them to support FTP blogging anymore. And so it goes. … [end Explanation] Let’s see how this works.

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