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August 26, 2009

Farmers’ market tomatoes in my future

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Last year we watched the tomatoes ripen on a neighbor’s deck and I thought, ho. Hadn’t realized we got enough sun and warmth here to grow tomatoes but maybe I could add some tomatoes to the mix of herbs and flowers I currently grow on the deck.

The die was cast when we were in a nursery and saw six-packs of begonias that had volunteer tomatoes growing in them. Two six-packs of begonias. Three “free” tomato plants. The two tomato cages were picked up for free on the sidewalk down by Union and Cadell Place where someone had left five for first-takers. I bought pots. Pots are reusable. I bought bags of potting mix. Also reusable. I potted my tomato plants and began the adventure.

Net cost $0 except for the cost of water.

One pot’s contents turned out to be cherry tomatoes. So far I’ve got two cherry tomatoes off the plant. Something four-footed seems to get to the tomatoes before I feel they’re ripe enough.

The two plants with large tomatoes? So far all of the tomatoes have met the fate of this one.


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Sometimes the entire almost-ripe tomato disappears overnight. Sometimes just part of it, but the rest disappears soon enough.

We’re talking either roof rats — possible, although they’ve been nowhere to be seen for four years, since the cat moved in — or raccoons — more possible because they know their way up five stories of spiral metal stairs. The Guy says it could also be parrots, nibbling during the day and we just don’t check the tomatoes before we go to bed. Whoever is doing this, boy, do they make a mess, spattering tomato juices on the wall behind the pots.

No deck-grown tomatoes next year. Farmers’ market at the Ferry Building will be my tomato source instead.

Was worth a try.

August 19, 2009

Barney Frank Confronts Woman At Town Hall

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“Trying to have a conversation with you would be like arguing with a dining room table.”

Barney Frank Confronts Woman At Town Hall Comparing Obama To Hitler

August 17, 2009


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Actuation of your CO alarm indicates the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) which can KILL YOU.

Morning has broken …

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But that was then. Five hours later finds the sun shining and the washing machine whirring. Friends expected around 6-ish for dinner and conversation.

August 6, 2009

August Full moon

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August 5, 2009

The view from here

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The tidal bore, sailboats, Treasure Island, and the Berkeley campus in the background. A peaceful day.

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They fly through the air with the greatest of ease…

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T-Mobile had a delightful parachuting and jetting extravaganza today at lunch time to promote their new myTouch 3G phone.


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More photos here.

The crows plot mischief when they think no one is watching

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I’d mentioned the mysterious behavior of our crows to Sara Zarr in response to her Facebook link to the NPR story on crows. (Read it. Interesting!)

Our crows flock to the roof top at Levi’s Plaza and perch on the railings for “meetings” in the afternoon. In small groups, they practice walking around like humans while the crows on the railings critique their technique and progress. After a certain period of time, the meeting is adjourned and they fly off in all directions, just as they’d arrived.


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Spooky, I tell you! Who knows what sorts of mischief they’re plotting in the late afternoon when they think no one is watching.

August 3, 2009


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August 2, 2009

Setting sun and fog on the east bay

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