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June 19, 2009

So much for PETA

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PETA’s not happy that Obama squished a fly. Oh, well.

To make PETA even unhappier, I will tell the following “slice of Sal’s life” tale.

His nibs just opened the door down on the first level and shooed a pretty little skipper butterfly (who’d wandered in because I had the doors open this afternoon) out the door to freedom.

Within seconds a bird swooped down and had the skipper for dinner. The bird is now hanging about waiting for his nibs to flush more game in its direction.

Notify PETA.

June 18, 2009

Yosemite. 01-Nov-2006

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I was thumbing through pictures taken during a long weekend at Yosemite in late October, early November 2006. The valley was so peaceful and lovely. The deciduous trees had turned. The hikes up toward Vernal Falls and elsewhere were still open, pending the first snow. Not many people cluttering up the space.

I was trying to find a photo that captured it all, perhaps a cheery yellow-orange tree against a Half Dome backdrop, but I had cheery yellow-orange trees and I had granite, but the granite photos all seemed to have evergreens in front of them and the fall colors didn’t have granite in the background. Ah. Here’s one.

If you ever have a chance to go for a few days to Yosemite when the crowds of tourists have gone but the valley isn’t deep in snow, Go!

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08 August 2004

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My photo files were getting all higgly piggly. I have a master directory labeled filPhotos with subdirectories under it labeled Family, Travel, SanFrancisco, &c.

Ah, but under San Francisco, I had folders labeled SF2009-06-17 and SF2009-06-01 and so on and forth into the hundreds.

Over 8400 photos, if I can believe Picasa, and I probably can. … Too many folders. And if I want to check through all the views to the east to have a look-see for a good one to post somewhere or send someone, where would I find it?


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So in lieu of writing something I should be writing, I went through all my San Francisco photos and pulled out all the views to the east from this specific spot (not views to the east from the top of the Hill, nor views to the east from the Embarcadero …). And found I had over 2000 photos. Some were dupes. Some were why-are-you-saving-that-Sal. I winnowed. A bit.



I then moved the individual SF2009-06-01 and SF2009-06-10 sorts of folders into month-specific folders, only keeping those folders with a bunch of photos of a specific subject. e.g. SF2005-02-12MarriageEqualityCityHall (the one-year-anniversary party for the Valentine’s Day surprise of 2004), SF2008-05-18BayToBreakers, SF2007-10BlueAngels, &c.



So now things are a bit easier to handle, although I may start bundling the photos in larger SF2009Q1 and Q2 sorts of bundles. Fewer bundles, but not so few I wouldn’t be able to find photos of that walk we took in April 2008 easily.

Results? Less overwhelming photage. With a final count, SFViewsEast: 2110. (Plus the few that are in my camera as-I-post.) I see more winnowing in my future.

June 13, 2009

There but for fortune …

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23 Jul 2008
Sitting on a dock of the bay.


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The Book Seer

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The Book Seer

Entertaining. Tell it what book you just finished reading (assuming, of course, that you liked the book) and it will tell you what and LibraryThing think you should read next (assuming, of course, that you want to read something similar).

You talkin’ to ME?

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Smog check?

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Yesterday morning I took pictures of three ships leaving within a ten-minute-or-so period, all of them spewing crap into the air. We, of course, need to have our cars smog-checked every two years. Ships coming in and out of harbor. Not.


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Why not?

Update: Ah. … A federal appeals court agreed Wednesday [27 Feb 2008] that state air pollution regulators can’t order ships arriving at California ports to reduce their toxic contributions to local smog.” The Court ruled that the State Air Board’s rules couldn’t take precedence over the federal Clean Air Act and the state would have to get a waiver from the EPA to allow its rules to go into effect.

OK. So when is =that= going to happen, now that TPTB at the EPA have changed? Soon? Have we asked?

June 10, 2009

Privacy? Circumspection? Privacy? Privacy? Fuggedaboutit.

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And so with nary a care, Leah Garchik spills the beans about Gavin’s new digs, with enough information (price, street) that any stalker worth his/her salt could track down the address in (oh … say …) about ten seconds.

I dunno. If I were someone who attracts stalkers like Gavin does, I’d be a bit annoyed at Ms Leah leaking the info just because she could.

Maybe it’s just me.

(And, yes, even though I’m not a stalker, the challenge of the day — after finishing the ***Sudoku and both crosswords — was to track down Gavin’s new address. And it didn’t take that long. …)

June 9, 2009

Update on the ranunculus

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More petals have fallen since the previous shot was taken.

I’ll find another flower to take its place. I enjoyed having something floral on the rain drum as I headed up to the next level.

June 8, 2009

People Who Wear Rose-colored Glasses See More, Study Shows

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People Who Wear Rose-colored Glasses See More, Study Shows

A University of Toronto study provides the first direct evidence that our mood literally changes the way our visual system filters our perceptual experience suggesting that seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses is more biological reality than metaphor.

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