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December 31, 2008

Between my prayer flags and Buddha’s hand

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… things will be better in 2009.

Good thoughts and warm sqwishes for the New Year.

July 15, 2007

SFist: Hot Stuff: Chocolate Salon at Fort Mason

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SFist: Hot Stuff: Chocolate Salon at Fort Mason

More on the Chocolate Salon from SFist.

How come I hadn’t heard about this ahead of time?!??! Some of us mark things ahead of time on our calendars, you know.

Maybe tomorrow, which looks to have no prior commitments.

(Unfortunately, his nibs doesn’t like chocolate, so he’ll be unlikely to be enthusiastic about an outing …)


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First I heard of this.

Here I was spending hours on a Saturday afternoon talking up the San Francisco Climate Challenge out in front of Rogue Ale (at Union and Powell) when I could’ve been at Fort Mason for the first major chocolate rumble on the West Coast in decades.


And the week leading up had all sorts of events!

Double dang!

(Of course, we had our roofer/leak guys here so I couldn’t’ve gone anyway but still … dang!)

July 14, 2007

SFist: SFist Tonight

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SFist: SFist Tonight

SFist rounded up a few events that they thought were worth your time on a Friday night.

Ah, San Francisco. Always something happening.

What would William Shakespeare think?

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