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August 31, 2005

Stage. Restage

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 Posted by Picasa  Here’s the place as it looked last May.

Since mid-July and up until Saturday, there was not a stick of furniture in the place. Because we’d taken the large carpet that had been in the living room as well as all the furniture of ours they’d used last time, Upstagers had to rework the whole idea and came up with a very different set. Great people to work with. If you’re looking for a stager in the Silicon Valley area, they come highly recommended.

 Posted by Picasa  The stage is set. Act II opens.

x’d fingers it’s a two-act play.

Karin Slaughter spotted at B&N this morning.

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(Well, her latest book anyway …)

Karin’s fifth book in five years, FAITHLESS, was released in the U.S. yesterday. She’ll be at Bouchercon in Chicago over the long weekend while I’ll be missing my first B’con since B’con Monterey in 1997.

After Bouchercon, she starts flogging the book. She’s in town next Thursday, talking and signing at Book Passage in Corte Madera at 1 p.m. and at “M” is for Mystery in San Mateo at 7 p.m.

After her gig in San Mateo (if her publisher doesn’t have other demands on her time), we plan to kidnap her and take her to Hill, which she hasn’t seen yet, and then feed her dinner as we walk her back to her hotel.

Friday morning bright and early she has a phone interview and then flies off to L.A. Her tour schedule sounds brutal.

Morgan Freeman. Class act.

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Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman partners with Charity Folks and the American Red Cross for Hurricane Relief Auction – September 2nd

That’s Friday, folks.

Freeman sez, “Now, charity begins at home, so we call on anybody who has even the thought (of giving) to get beyond the thought and help these people.”

VISA will not raise their limit of $50 for pay at the pump

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Man, I love this place …

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Headline in today’s Chron: Ostrich takes hike on bridge. Evening commute halts, tourists gawk at bird on the lam

I would’ve said “bird on the run” but I’m no headline writer …


August 30, 2005

Think globally. Eat locally.

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Worldwatch Institute’s pitch for eating local food. What is local food? Why should we eat it? Go thither and ponder and go forth and do thou likewise.

Goodin keeps track of sales announcements in Locus

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Melinda Rose Goodin keeps track of sales announcements in Locus. She conscientiously fills out an Excel spreadsheet with who sold what to whom, via which agent.

Locus spreadsheet: July 2004 to May 2005 (updated 17th May 2005)

Locus, for those who are unfamiliar with the magazine, “focuses on news of the Science Fiction publishing field and coverage of new science fiction books and magazines.” If that’s your playground, Goodin’s spreadsheet is a trove of agent-related information.

Lillian Virginia Mountweazel

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Henry Alford column in the New Yorker

Turn to page 1,850 of the 1975 edition of the New Columbia Encyclopedia and you’ll find an entry for Lillian Virginia Mountweazel, a fountain designer turned photographer who was celebrated for a collection of photographs of rural American mailboxes titled “Flags Up!” Mountweazel, the encyclopedia indicates, was born in Bangs, Ohio, in 1942, only to die “at 31 in an explosion while on assignment for Combustibles magazine.”

If Mountweazel is not a household name, even in fountain-designing or mailbox-photography circles, that is because she never existed. “It was an old tradition in encyclopedias to put in a fake entry to protect your copyright,” Richard Steins, who was one of the volume’s editors, said the other day. “If someone copied Lillian, then we’d know they’d stolen from us.”

Alford’s column tracks down a made-up word in the New Oxford American Dictionary.

The word has since been spotted on, which cites Webster’s New Millennium as its source. “It’s interesting for us that we can see their methodology,” McKean said. “Or lack thereof. It’s like tagging and releasing giant turtles.”

Goin’ to Surf City

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SFGate covers the latest news

Wading into murky waters where no legislator has ever hung ten before, the Senate Rules Committee declared that the Orange County town of Huntington Beach — which also fancies itself as Surf City USA — cannot claim exclusive rights to the name.

Sorry, Paula!

“You know we’re goin’ to Surf City, gonna have some fun, now
Two boys for every girl”

[apologies to Brian Wilson and Jan Berry for the lyric change]

August 29, 2005

NEWSMEAT – politics, headlines, federal campaign contribution search

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NEWSMEAT: “CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTION SEARCH (individual donations of $200 or more made after 1977)”

Interesting stuff. Check by name or ZIP.

Look at this! Not your typical Republican wonk.

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