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May 18, 2009

Questions for Deborah Treisman, The New Yorker’s Fiction Editor

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Questions for Deborah Treisman, The New Yorker’s Fiction Editor [15 Dec 2008]

For the past five years or so, anywhere from a fifth to a quarter of the stories published in the magazine have been by writers who hadn’t previously published fiction in The New Yorker. Some had been published elsewhere already; some hadn’t.

August 9, 2008

Strothman Agency

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The Strothman Agency (of which I’ve written before) dropped a line to say

“The Strothman Agency is moving. As of July 28th, we will be located at 6 Beacon Street, Suite 810, Boston, MA 02108. This will also be our new mailing address.”

September 27, 2007

A plea to anyone linking to

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A request from DebbieRO, my former boss lady, on her Inkygirl blog.

If you have a link to, PLEASE DELETE IT.
Pass the word.

A plea to anyone linking to

May 18, 2007

Writing markets stuff moving in with the writer colony over >>> there

I’ve decided to keep writing markets “stuff” at the writers’ resources site from this day forth. The posts were taking up too much real estate.

The resources blog will carry the markets information I’ve been carrying here. Coolio writer stuff may wind up in both this blog and that. Info on the writers’ resources site will be updated to include new markets information and links wigati. The resources blog will probably be updated from its 2002 look some day as well.

From now on writing markets info will live there not here. Those of you who read here for great apps, interesting sites, San Francisco foodie news and life, the universe and prayer flags can continue on uninterrupted. Those who only cared about the markets info will find their focus more focussed at the other blog.

This has been a management postie. We now return you to the normal blog content, sans writing markets information.

[PAY MKT] The Good Life

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Writers’ Guidelines

The Good Life is both for and about the people of Central Texas who live and work in the five counties (Travis, Williamson, Hays, Bastrop and Caldwell) that make up the Austin metropolitan area. We do not publish articles about folks who don’t live in this area. All the articles we publish must have a local focus and cite local sources.


We publish a wide range of feature stories, from hard-hitting articles about weighty topics to pieces designed for sheer entertainment. Adventure, the arts, democracy, fitness, health, hobbies, investigative reports, local history, overcoming adversity, parenting, profiles of interesting local people, relationships, spirituality, volunteerism, wellness, and many other topics—from the extraordinary to the off-the-wall—are good topics for features in The Good Life. The features we publish must be written in the style of journalism, that is, to include multiple points of view from a variety of knowledgeable sources.

We rarely publish fiction. We do not publish reprints. We do not publish travel articles. We do not publish question-and-answer interviews. We do not publish stories about businesses (except in our regular short monthly feature called Austin Originals; these pieces are scheduled months in advance and are written by a regular contributor). We do not publish essays except those produced by our regular columnists. We have a talented team of regular columnists covering a variety of topics and we do not envision adding more columns.

PAYS: month of publication

Health, wellness and fitness features that are published in the Gusto section of the magazine are usually assigned at a length of 1500 words and The Good Life pays $150 to $250 for these features, with the higher fees paid to people who have been writing for the magazine regularly or are widely published.

For all other feature stories, The Good Life pays from $100 to $600, depending on the writer’s experience, the assigned length of the article, and the degree of difficulty. The higher fees go to people who have been writing for The Good Life regularly, or are widely published, and who take on more challenging assignments. Features that earn the highest fees address complex topics, require a demanding amount of research and interviews, and provide comprehensive, in-depth coverage.


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Writers’ Guidelines

CAPPER’S is a nationally distributed biweekly tabloid publication with a national paid circulation of approximately 200,000. It emphasizes home and family to readers who live mainly in the rural Midwest.

CAPPER’S purchases shared rights, which grants the publisher the right to publish or republish the work in any form in any country, at any time. The author agrees not to publish the work in any other media for a period ending one year after the date of the issue in which the work initially appears. After this period, the author retains the right to republish the work in any form.

CAPPER’S publishes manuscripts on average of two to 12 months after acceptance. Seasonal or holiday material should be submitted at least three months in advance. Notification of acceptance or rejection is made within two to three months, six months for serialized novels. No simultaneous
submissions. Query for novel-length manuscripts only; submit all others complete.”


CAPPER’S uses historical, inspirational, nostalgic, family-oriented, travel and human-interest stories; unusual accomplishments, collections, occupations, hobbies, etc. Approximately 75 manuscripts are purchased annually (not including Heart of the Home). Use journalistic style. Payment is made upon publication at the rate of approximately $2.50 per printed inch. Length: 700 words maximum. Good quality accompanying photos considered.

Free verse and light verse, traditional, nature and inspirational poems are purchased. Those selected are easy to read, with down-to-earth themes. Five or six poems are used in each issue. Limit submissions to batches of 5 to 6, length 4 to 16 lines. Payment of $10 to $15 is made upon acceptance; tear sheet sent upon publication.

Also buys jokes.

[PAY MKT] Chronogram

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Writers’ Guidelines

Chronogram is a regional magazine of arts, lifestyle, politics, environmental issues, holistic health and culture published monthly. Chronogram is an outlet for reportage and point of view that are not often found in the mainstream media. We like to think of ourselves as “progressive” in the broadest sense: We believe that an enlightened, democratic society is attainable as long as citizens-our readers a small group among them-are informed with reliable information. Our writers write the critiques, praises, philosophizings and personal anecdotes that provide the detail to the larger picture, the colors to the outline (often coloring outside the lines).The editor’s ears are always open for new voices and all story ideas are invited for pitching. Chronogram welcomes all voicesand viewpoints as long as they are expressed well. We discriminate solely based on the quality of the writing, nothing else. The length of articles we usually run are from 1000-3500 words.

PAYS: on a sliding scale. No kill fees.

[PAY MKT] Literary Traveler

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Writers’ Guidelines

Literary Traveler is seeking articles that capture the literary imagination. Is there an artist or writer that has inspired you? Have you taken a journey or pilgrimage that was inspired by a work of literature? We focus mainly on literary artists but we welcome articles about other artists: composers, painters, songwriters, story-tellers, etc.

Subject matter can be anything artistic or creative. Each one of our articles in some way, is about someone who creates. Some of our articles are subjective first person travel pieces. Some take a meditative slant on a visit somewhere, and reflect on a theme. Others are objective articles about places or writers, or artists. Please read some of our articles to see if your article is right for us.

PAYS: flat rate (but doesn’t tell what that is)

May 14, 2007

[PAY MKT] Yoga Journal

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Writers’ Guidelines for Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal covers the practice and philosophy of yoga. In particular we welcome articles on the following themes:

1. Leaders, spokespersons, and visionaries in the yoga community;
2. The practice of hatha yoga;
3. Applications of yoga to everyday life (e.g., relationships, social issues, livelihood, etc.);
4. Hatha yoga anatomy and kinesiology, and therapeutic yoga;
5. Nutrition and diet, cooking, and natural skin and body care.

Payment varies, depending on length, depth of research, etc. We pay within 90 days of final acceptance: $800 to $2000 for features, $400 to $800 for departments, $25 to $100 for Om Page and Well-Being, and $200 to $250 for book reviews.

No unsolicited e-sub.

[PAY MKT] Escape Pod

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Writers’ Guidelines for Escape Pod, a podcast genre ‘zine.

EP is a genre ‘zine. We’re looking for science fiction and fantasy. Please don’t send us anything that doesn’t fit those descriptions. And by the way, we mean SF/F on a level that matters to the plot. Your story about a little boy receiving a balloon before his heart transplant may be touching literature, but it probably isn’t something we’re interested in, even if you edit it so that the balloon’s an alien and the heart came from Satan.

(UPDATE: As of August 2006, Escape Pod no longer runs horror. We’ve spun that off into a sister podcast, Pseudopod, edited by Mur Lafferty and Ben Philips. We do not share our slushpiles, so please send them your horror stories directly. It’s a great podcast to listen to, by the way, if you like to be disturbed.)

We’re primarily interested in two lengths of fiction, which we’ve dubbed (somewhat arbitrarily) ‘short fiction’ and ‘flash fiction.’

PAYS: $100 for short fiction (2-6K wds) and $20 for flash fiction (up to 1K wds. “sweet spot”: 500 wds.)


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