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April 21, 2009

An interactive map of vanishing employment across the country. – By Chris Wilson – Slate Magazine

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An interactive map of vanishing employment across the country. – By Chris Wilson – Slate Magazine

Stunning visual impact.
January 2007 >>> February 2009

February 2, 2009

Warren Ellis — War Haunted

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Warren Ellis — War Haunted

Warren Ellis writes: These are, I’m told, the work of one Sergei Larenkov, and they are wonderful. He’s reshot WW2-era photographs in the present day, from their original perspectives, and then faded the original in.

Ellis tells you a bit about the images (and shows some).

The photos are ‘shopped photos taken during the Siege of Leningrad mashed up with the identical scene from modern St. Petersburg. The edges of buildings and trims and fences match up. Marvelous dissonance.

See more.

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January 15, 2009

eightmaps — oh, my Prop 8

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A mashup of pro-Prop8 donations and Google maps.

Want to know if your neighbors donated to the Yes-On-Prop8 campaign? Here’s your click.

(None of my neighbors donated according to this site, but then I live in a very not-Republican sector of town …)

(Oh. Here’s a student who donated $500 to the yes-on-8 campaign. Gosh. I wish I’d had that kind of money when I was a student.)

November 13, 2008

Pin the Tail — Patterns, Land Use

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Pin the Tail — Patterns, Land Use

Interesting blog post from Sophia Travis @ Pin the Tail comparing red/blue voting patterns in the south for the 2008 presidential election and cotton production in the same region in 1860.

What does this mean? All those old plantation owners’ heirs and assigns are Democrats?

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November 2, 2008

Election 2008 – some fun from Peter Seibel @ Gigamonkeys

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Election 2008 – some fun

dashboard periodically fetches the market price of Intrade’s state-by-state election markets, which represent the probability, as assessed by the Intrade traders, that a given candidate will win a given state. From those probabilities I compute the overall probability of various scenarios and color the map appropriate shades of blue and red. I also provide some dials and knobs (sliders) actually, to allow you to play some real-time “what if” games with the results.

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February 14, 2007

A useful mashup: Muni fast passes and Google maps

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skot9000 got tired of trying to track down the closest location to buy a Muni fast pass and found their ZIPcode-based lists unreasonably hard to use so he, nice guy wot he is, mashed up the Muni DB with Google maps.

Et voila! Pop in an intersection or an address and a radius and skot9000′s handy-dandy mashup will fill you in on the places nearby that sell Muni fast passes.

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