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April 23, 2002

Computer Bits June 2002 – passions on the Web

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Guess what the June column covers.

Jerome’s soft drink can collection

Eric Harshbarger’s LEGO® website

Other LEGO® pages

LEGO® builders

Silly Putty pages

More Silly Putty

Castles of the World – Jaime Fernandez Jr & al.

Phil and Becky Vacara’s photographs of medieval sites

Hamish Reid’s California Driving – a Survival Guide

Someone LOVES his Miata

Someone likes to collect um. unusual names

Art Makosinski’s passion for Henry Burr

Jason Scott has a passion for text files

Who would buy that?

Michael Thyen collects 555 numbers from movies, television and radio

Rob Cockerham cares about “how much is inside?”

Sarah’s origami

Clay Randall’s money origami

a collection of links to folks with a passion for antique radios

The DeadLetter Office – write your own “farewell” letter

This to That – glue advice and more

Enrico Tedeschi has a passion for old radios

Paul Robert’s Virtual Typewriter Museum

The Jell-o Museum

The Ancient AOL Disk and Memorabilia Museum

The Brick Testament

Airline Meals

Geekbabe likes Peeps!

Pen Spinning

Rubber Band Balls on the Web

Scott Bartlett’s Rubber Band Ball

World’s Largest Masking Tape Ball

Gladys Dwindlebimmers Ralston Gallery of the Unidentifiable

The Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia

Crackerpacks – collecting firecracker labels

Computer Bits May 2002 – art museums and more

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The May Computer Bits column is titled “Surfing the Internet: Magritte, Monet, Matisse and Munch” and should be out in print and up on the Web at the beginning of May. The column covers art search engines and image searching on the Web. Also included are links to some of the online art galleries and museums: The Tate has put almost its entire collection on its site – 50,000 works. Each work is described in detail, including title, date and media. – The National Portrait Gallery in London The Victoria & Albert The Louvre – The Musee d’Orsay The USAn National Gallery

Great stuff.

April 17, 2002

Another blog – this one for

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Decided to setup another blog — one dedicated to writerly links. has over 1500 links that are checked for deadwood regularly. The links are sorted into nine major groups and almost one hundred subgroups. The site has been mentioned favorably in writers newsletters, on writers’ sites, on mailing lists and in newsgroups and is visited by writers from all corners of the world.

I plan to use this new blog to pop up descriptions of some of the links I’m adding to and descriptions of some of the links that are already there.

This blog will be a means of getting a look at what’s new at and a tour of what’s there.

At the bottom of each item that has a link from, I’ll add a reference to where on the site you can find that link and others like it. The reference will be xxx|yyy, meaning you can find the link in yyy subgroup of the xxx group.

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