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February 18, 2010

Delicious winemaker dinner at Acquerello Restaurant

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Delicious winemaker dinner at Acquerello Restaurant last night. The winemaker brought wines that the chef wanted to pair with her food. It was all =really= delish.

Before we went, his nibs said, Piemonte wines. I think we’ve been to the village this wine is supposed to come from. He named it. I checked. I rummaged through old digital photos we’d taken on a trip in September 2002. And, yes, we had indeed walked through the village of Serralunga d’Alba.

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We’d poked through the square and climbed up into the castle that dominates the surrounds.

We’d walked through Gaja vineyards in the morning and watched them harvesting, before we walked up to the village

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but I’m pretty sure we hadn’t walked through Ettore Germano, which is a ways from the village and on the other side of the village from Gaja.

Tasty wines last night. He had a sparkling to start and a gem of an un-oaked Chardonnay before he dove into Barolos and such.

Plus Sergio Germano was a very charming man with loads to talk about truffles and wine and winemaking. Entertaining evening all around. We need to visit Acquerello more often than we do. Suzette Gresham-Tognetti makes such amazing food.

February 16, 2010

The fog burns off … a rust bucket appears

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The fog was burning off this morning, after a morning much like the ones we’ve been having lately. If it’s not raining, it is =really= foggy in the morning and then the fog burns off and around 11A or noon we are left with a sunshiney blue day.

I was taking photos of the fog burning off … the Ferry Building. … 10:31A


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The SFO Bay Bridge. … 10:49A


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About an hour later, the fog was mostly gone and one of the old military ships from the mothball fleet in Suisun Bay, near Vallejo, appeared, dragged fore, with two tugs tailing aft, headed to have its barnacles and paint scraped before it’s hauled away to be scrapped.

Rust bucket. 11:42A


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February 8, 2010

[PHOTO] Red-tailed hawk

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A red tailed hawk hanging out down the hill


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Until a three-some of crows dive-bombed it until they chased it away.

February 7, 2010

Cheers, to our Canadian visitors. Bon voyage!

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February 4, 2010

Cumulonimbus 03 Feb 2010

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Just a note …

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My blogging world is shredding around me.

First up, the folks who handled my comments said I’d have to pay for the service. Um. No.

While I was wondering what commenting service to use in lieu, someone/something else seems to have picked up the commenting. (Waaah?) But I still need to find a permanent vendor.

While I was still wondering what commenting service to use, I got a note from Blogger/Google saying that folks like me who FTP their blogs to their Web sites are using too many tech resources/time/help and they are shutting down the FTP service. I can either move over to Blogger and their services or find another vendor.


If you’re wondering why the slowdown in blog posts, it’s just me pondering my future. The blog will roll on, with a different manner of posting and a different mode of handling comments.


I’ll probably freeze this blog in place and start another from scratch, which is a Royal Pain, but the easiest way to handle the transition.

(I’ve always been the tortoise when it comes to making decisions like this.)

February 1, 2010

Lucky ship …

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Horizon Falcon at the end of the rainbow. [26 Jan 2010]

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