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December 26, 2008

Packing and The Mantra of Minimalism

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Packing and The Mantra of Minimalism

An added bonus click for the PCV who wants to travel. Travel light, mi’jo. This woman shows you how. (Substitute manly things for the womanly things she has in her backpack and you’re good to go.)

Underage Facebook party busted

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Underage Facebook party busted

Remember what we say kids. Nothing is private on the internet. If you don’t want the cops to come to your house don’t post it on Facebook.

Parents, don’t let your children grow up to do stupid things and crow about it on Facebook.

But, oldkins can be clueless too. The husband of a woman in Sheffield, UK, murdered her after she posted on her Facebook page that she was leaving him. The husband of another woman, this one from Croydon, near London, murdered her after she changed her Facebook status to “single” a couple days after the husband moved out. Stabbed to death.

Both women were, obviously, married to unstable, abusing men. Both were murdered after they unthinkingly used Facebook to tell the world they were (or soon would be) well-rid of their husbands. They must’ve already known what sort of creepoid jerks their husbands were and that they might react to the public exposure.

Watch what you post to Facebook, folks young and old. Word has a way of getting ’round.

Update: Keep your illegal/dumb stuff off YouTube too.

Raising a Gamer? Employers Turning Down World of Warcraft Players

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Raising a Gamer? Employers Turning Down World of Warcraft Players

A word to the wise … don’t tell your employer or co-workers that you are a Tauren shaman known as GoldenRabbitsoul. Don’t mention Pretend you spend your evenings knitting and your weekends hiking in local parks.

Take It Apart dot net

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Take It Apart dot net: dissecting electronic gadgetry. Just for fun.

Disclaimers, of course.

A Christmas wish for those who celebrate

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“Next year all our troubles will be miles away. …”

YouTube – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas — Sinatra.

“Some day soon we all will be together, if the fates allow. …”

RIP, Miss Eartha.

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YouTube – Eartha Kitt – C'est Si Bon (Live Kaskad 1962)

RIP, Miss Eartha. You gave a ton of pleasure to a zillion folks. Here’s hoping you wind up with the folks you would want to spend the rest of eternity with.

Bunny Suicide

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OK. Granted. I have an odd family.

When Dad was still alive, our children’s sigoths would sometimes freak at family gatherings because we’d be discussing “If you were a terrorist intent on making Americans feel shakier than shaky — and killing some Americans as an added benefit — what target would you attack?”

These discussions happened to have a concrete reason behind them because some of the family members were/are concerned with what terrorists might target.

Question: Would you target a monument like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Alamo, or Mount Rushmore or would you wreak terror by targeting small malls and roller skating rinks across America — both of which are easier to target.

Is it more effective to clobber some national symbols or to make EVERYONE — including Laverne’s cousin in Tucson — worried about whether it’s safe to go out for dinner?

Well, we don’t have those discussions anymore, for various reasons.

Instead today (AT OUR FAMILY CHRISTMAS), we talked about Bunny Suicide.

December 24, 2008

Our Christmas Eve tradition

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Lionel Barrymore as Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol by Dickens

I’ve listened to this every Christmas Eve for probably the last forty or fifty years.

Tomorrow night, do thou likewise.

We’ll be sitting around on the floor, listening too.

You may be an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of an underdone potato. There’s more of gravy than of grave about you, whatever you are!

Has it been that long?

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I have a framed John Byrne Cooke photograph of Mimi Fariña on the wall to the right of the front door. She’s standing at the top of the hill, at Union and Montgomery, goofing off with Debbie Green. I like the picture because it shows the waterfront behind them as it was back when the picture was taken, in 1966, and because it shows Mimi Fariña full of life.

It took me years after I first stumbled on the image on the Web to decide that his price was worth it and to contact Cooke and arrange to swop him $$$ for a print.

I’m still glad I did.

Depending on my mood, the photograph makes me smile, or tear up.


The YouTube video is from 1975. Has it really been that long?

I guess it has.

yes I loved you dearly
and if you’re offering me diamonds and rust
I’ve already paid

December 23, 2008

How I came to Believe in Santa

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Motherhood is Not for Wimps — How I came to Believe in Santa


Snitched. [via Janet Reid’s blog]

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