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January 22, 2003

A potpourri of blogs

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We were discussing blogging on alt.writing recently and I gave a list of some, to me, interesting Web logs.

There are a zillion blogs out there and, like the Web, the quality is sometimes questionable. – Mary Anne Mohanraj – eclectic mix from Cory Doctorow and others – John Scalzi – Joanne Jacobs – William Gibson – Bruce Sterling – Jessamyn West

and I pointed off to the article I wrote for Computer Bits a while back on blogging.

Blogging takes time. If the blog is tracking your progress somewhere else and, like the blog for tracks changes to the site (although that blog doesn’t track all changes), that means I add a link to the site, sometimes post to misc.writing and misc.writing.moderated about the link and then sometimes add information to the blog. I am a bit compulsive, but boy, does all that tip tap and duplication take time I’d rather spend elsewhere.

So, it’s not that I haven’t been collecting links for my columns or that I haven’t written a column since August or that there’s nothing knew at, it’s just that there is no time for everything. This blog and that one over there will be attended to on an occasional basis.

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