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January 11, 2008

The image cannot be displayed, because it contains errors

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The image cannot be displayed, because it contains errors

Seems Firefox was complaining because some of the .jpgs Duende sent — which I was trying to add to the site — were in CMYK (print) instead of RGB (screen display). Makes sense. Duende’d sent the photos used in prior years’ brochures.

Turns out ’tis simple enough to pull the .jpg into Photoshop. Go to the Image pulldown menu IMAGE->MODE and save the JPG as RGB instead of CMYK.

And Bob’s your uncle.

Would that most of the world’s problems were so easily handled.

November 26, 2007

TechShop: Build Your Dreams Here

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His nibs went down to Palo Alto today to help MHP get some “stuff” out of his basement and delivered to TechShop in Menlo Park, a Maker’s dreamland, a burner’s heaven.

Never heard of TechShop?

TechShop is a fully-equipped open-access workshop and creative environment that lets you drop in any time and work on your own projects at your own pace. It is like a health club with tools and equipment instead of exercise equipment…or a Kinko’s for geeks.

TechShop was founded in 2006 by Jim Newton, a lifetime maker, veteran BattleBots builder and former MythBuster.

TechShop is located in Menlo Park, California, on the San Francisco peninsula 25 miles south of San Francisco.
Anyone can come in and build and make all kinds of things themselves using the TechShop tools, machines and equipment, and draw on the TechShop instructors and experts to help them with their projects. TechShop is designed for everyone, regardless of their skill level. TechShop is perfect for inventors, “makers”, hackers, tinkerers, artists, roboteers, families, entrepreneurs, youth groups, FIRST robotic teams, arts and crafts enthusiasts, and anyone else who wants to be able to make things that they dream up but don’t have the tools, space or skills.

If this sounds like your piece of heaven, TechShop is open 9A->midnight, seven days a week.

Cost: Daily pass:$30 Monthly pass:$100 Annual pass:$1200 (except they’re having a sale just now.) The Annual and Monthly passes allow you to reserve time on specific pieces of equipment. The Annual pass allows you to reserve equipment up to two weeks in advance. The Monthly pass allows you to reserve equipment up to a day in advance. If you buy a multiple-months pass, you can reserve equipment for multiple days in advance. e.g. If you buy a five-month pass, you can reserve equipment up to five days in advance. If you buy a seven-month pass, you can reserve equipment up to seven days in advance.

TechShop gives classes on how to use the equipment. Some pieces of equipment =require= you to take a class before you are allowed to use the equipment.

Check it out.

November 16, 2007

San Francisco Food Bank’s 2007 holiday cards

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San Francisco Food Bank’s 2007 holiday cards are available for purchase over the Web. Three designs are available. The Christmas ornament card drawn by Paul Madonna is my fave.

Go there.

Purchase holiday cards.

Support San Francisco Food Bank

September 24, 2007


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A collection of typography links

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Typographic Collaboration | Typophile

Typographica a journal of typography featuring news, observations, and open commentary on fonts and typographic design.

typography a photoset on flickr

viaLetter Spell it out

Jules Vernacular Lettres oeuvrières & incongruités typographiques. French signage and lettering from Jack Usine.

Triborough’s photos of NYC Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual = a flickr photoset

Zuzana Licko and Rudy VanderLans at Emigre

Typetester – compare screen type

FontFeed a font blog

July 20, 2007

Update: 2007 San Francisco Idea House

A green bird told me that Sunset Magazine has postponed the opening of the San Francisco Idea House to an unspecified time

No word at the Sunset Magazine site as to when the house will open.

“Check back often,” they say.

July 19, 2007

Ambient Intimacy and disambiguity

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Whilst off looking for a description/definition of Ambient Intimacy, I came across Leisa Reichelt’s blog: disambiguity.

Just reading disambiguity makes my brain feel polished and shiny.

June 10, 2007

Helvetica at 50

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Helvetica at 50


The typeface’s dominance over the past half-century, cemented by the release of Neue Helvetica in the 1980s, has now inspired a documentary, Helvetica, and exhibitions on both sides of the Atlantic.

     Bland uniformity

But not everyone is a Helvetica lover. Type “I hate Helvetica” into Google and there are forums for people who rage at the mindless “corporate chic” of this dominant font. They see it as a vehicle for social conformity through consumerism, shifting product with a great big steam-roller of neutrality.


FontFont: FiFFteen

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Love those fonts? Think type design is something worth celebrating?

FontFont: FiFFteen a celebration of the fifteen years of the FontFont type library will be at the AIGA San Francisco office (130 Sutter St, Ste 600) from 11 June -27 June 2007 (9-5, M-F).

[via Mike Lenhart]

June 7, 2007

Skoda Fabia TV Advert

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