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February 7, 2008

Human Proteinpedia

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Human Proteinpedia — the wonders of the Web.

A researcher at the Johns Hopkins Institute of Genetic Medicine has led the effort to compile to date the largest free resource of experimental information about human proteins. Reporting in the February issue of Nature Biotechnology, the research team describes how all researchers around the world can access this data and speed their own research.

Zounds, eh?

No anonymous postings. Only experimental results. (i.e. no predictions) You must be registered and logged-in to add data, but anyone can query.

Human Proteinpedia is a community portal for sharing and integration of human protein data. It allows research laboratories to contribute and maintain protein annotations. Human Protein Reference Database (HPRD) integrates data, that is deposited in Human Proteinpedia along with the existing literature curated information in the context of an individual protein. All the public data contributed to Human Proteinpedia can be queried, viewed and downloaded.

Data pertaining to post-translational modifications, protein-protein interactions, tissue expression, expression in cell lines, subcellular localization and enzyme substrate relationships can be submitted to Human Proteinpedia.

Protein annotations present in Human Proteinpedia are derived from a number of platforms such as

  • Co-immunoprecipitation and mass spectrometry-based protein-protein interaction
  • Co-immunoprecipitation and Western blotting based protein-protein interaction
  • Fluorescence based experiments
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Mass Spectrometric Analysis
  • Protein and peptide microarray
  • Western blotting
  • Yeast two-hybrid based protein-protein interaction

And if you understood all that, this site’s for you.

So far 71 labs have contributed information on 2,695 experiments covering 15,231 protein entries.



The Web wasn’t created just to distribute pron and LOLcats (although it’s very good at that too).

ABC News: Don’t Tell Mama, Clinton-ites for Obama

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ABC News: Don't Tell Mama, Clinton-ites for Obama

Interesting. …

February 4, 2008

Super Bowl 2008 ads now up

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Super Bowl 2008 ads now up on hulu: Watch your favorites. Anytime. Anywhere.

Link courtesy Laughing Squid

February 3, 2008

Obama – Yes, we can.

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Liked this. 4:30m video. “Obama. Yes, we can” from

Forwarded on to me by the younger younger Guy. Thanks.

February 2, 2008

101 Best Web Freebies

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101 Best Web Freebies – BusinessWeek’s take on the best free apps and such you can find on the Web.

Yaze! for Baze!

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Golden Gate Fields Sees Russell Baze's 10,000th Racing Win [KCBS]

Years and years and years ago, I read horse race results at the back of the sports section in the San Jose Mercury News. Didn’t take me long to discover that a bet on whatever horse Russell Baze was riding was a good bet to place.

Congrats to Baze, who won his first race in 1974 in Yakima, WA, on a horse trained by his father, Joe.

Noonan’s take on Ted Kennedy, the Clintons, and Barack Obama (oh, and those pesky Republicans too …)

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A Rebellion and an Awkward Embrace
February 1, 2008 / Wall Street Journal

In the most exciting and confounding election cycle of my lifetime, Rudy Giuliani, the Prince of the City, is out because he was about to lose New York, John Edwards is out, the Clintons are fighting for their historical reputations, and the stalwart conservative New York Post has come out strong and stinging for Barack Obama. If you had asked me in December if I would write that sentence in February, I would have said: Um, no.

Noonan’s column continues …

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