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May 19, 2004

Singing Science Records

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What an egregious case of copyright infringement, but golly, I can’t get enough of Singing Science Records.

Check out Longitude and Latitude, Grand Coulee Dam and more.

Who lives here ?

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* * * Who lives here ? * * *‘s statement of purpose is “One’s room” shows us many things like the culture, religion and the way people live and how they think about their life…. Our ignorance and misunderstanding about people from other cultures, lifestyles and ways of thinking make it possible for mutual prejudice, hatred and war to exist. But if we could feel ourselves closer to the people from other countries,or if we make an effort to try to know the reality of other people’s lives and understand them, bad behavior like hurting or hating or killing will decrease gradually and ultimately disappear. This site will show you our unknown friends and their rooms from all over the world. Enlarge this project as broad as possible. Someday we can bring “real peace” to this world.

… or maybe they’re just scouting for their next robbery target.

Great site for snoops and voyeurs … and the people who want to bring “real peace” to this world.

10 Tips on Writing the Living Web

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From A List Apart comes Mark Bernstein detailing 10 Tips on Writing the Living Web


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This site is certified 30% EVIL by the Gematriculator

Thanks! Arleen

Mathematical proof that girls are evil

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From Dave Winer, Mathematical proof that girls are evil.


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History.WorldSearch — today in History — also Browse by year, by month.

August 29, 1952 – Premiere of John Cage’s 4’33″ in Woodstock, New York.

See? You needed to know that.

May 18, 1933 – President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signs an act creating the Tennessee Valley Authority.

… and that too.

May 18, 2004

Renaissance Alliance School Fundraiser

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This is a very cool idea … Renaissance Alliance School Fundraiser: “The Renaissance Alliance school is honored to offer for sale stunning images from 35 of the most prominent and honored photographers in the world, all of whom work regularly for National Geographic magazine. The money raised through these sales will be used to build a much-needed new schoolhouse and for supplies and other expenses. Currently, students are meeting in portable buildings; the plan is to build an environmentally friendly structure with rainwater collection and solar electric panels.”

Michael Yamashita’s photo triggers a huge case of wanderlust.

Things My Math Teacher Did Last Year

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Jesse Davis’ forty-seven item list labeled Things My Math Teacher Did Last Year.

Hope he was kidding about #16.

[snatched from Teresa‘s “particles” list]

Morphases – More Faces

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Morphases – More Faces Morphases editor, the revolutionary face manipulation in real time. [sic]

A bit harder to use than Stereotypes or Character Builder, but the site has more flexibility and choices.

The Web is a wonder.

Why do people give up weblogs?

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From luvly, Why do people give up weblogs?

A cogent synopsis of reasons why some ex-webloggers gave up their weblogs, including

“Everywhere I looked I saw the same features with which we’re all familiar: hopeful linkylurve, memes, indulgent/tiresome self-disclosure… the only distinguishing factors in most cases being strength and combination. I won’t make a sweeping statement about its value – at the very least it entertains, & that’s something. But to me, a person who isn’t looking to promote myself within it, the “blogosphere” (*CRINGE*) is overwhelmingly dull, and I suppose that made it quite easy to opt out.

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