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January 2, 2002

Some other sites of interest

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Some other sites of interest

  • Idea A Day “will publish an original idea every day for the rest of time. The ideas published will be free of copyright, however valuable they may be. They are there to be read, to be enjoyed, to be exploited. Whatever.” … and boy-howdy are some of these ideas “original.” Need a whack ‘longside of the head, creativity-wise? Here’s your site. [seen in BoingBoing]
  • Money Origami [seen in BoingBoing]

Computer Bits Feb 2002 article – links to blogs/bloggers

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Blog/blogger links I used for the February article for Computer Bits ( ) that weren’t listed here before include the following —

Some of the blogs listed earlier (Judith’s Calamondin, f’rex) didn’t make it into the Computer Bits feature. Some other blog/blogger links I didn’t have room for in the February article for Computer Bits include the following (in no particular order) — mayhap another article somewhere else?

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